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Crosswind Kennel


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About Us

What does Crosswind Kennel mean to me?

We at Crosswind Kennel strive to produce German Shorthair Pointers (GSP) that exceed the typical GSP's. 
These dogs are bred from some of the finest field trial stock available.  They are real athlete's that have enough drive and desire to withstand the pressures that it takes to compete at a national level.  Yet, they are still very biddable and possess that willingness to please attitude.  Many of these dogs that are bought with the sole purpose of wild bird hunting and are also kept in the house as pets with excellent results.
We want to provide you with a dog that you will be proud to own!

From a hobby to a dream business.

I bought my first bird dog at age 13.  I have been involved with the training and breeding of bird dogs for over 20 years.  I started competing dogs in the AKC Hunt Tests and National Shoot to Retireve Events many years ago.  I have compaigned dogs for myself and others across most of the United States. 
This experience has provided me with many examples of what it takes, in both the breeding and training program to build a dog that is consistantly competitive at a National Level.

Crosswind Kennel * 11460 Day Road * Maybee, MI  * US * 48159